Kitchen Island - This kitchen was transformed into a functional multi purpose space with the addition of this kitchen island.  It creates a fluid barrier with the rest of the house while providing a work surface, eating area, and storage.  The white Caesarstone toppairs beautifully with the high gloss lacquer finish and keeps the space looking bright and spacious.

Condo Shelving and Storage - Making the most of every square inch of your condo space is an important part of condo life.  This installation allows the home owner to turn their area under the stairs into a compact home office.  Books are neatly stored, cabinets hide loose papers, the opening allows for an office desk, and a custom made grommet allows for electrical to be brought up through the walnut counter top.

Retrofitted Steamer Trunk - I was approached by the gentlemen at Rogues Custom shoes to turn this old steamer trunk into a mobile store.  The inside is lined with monogrammed leather and furnished with walnut shelves, writing surface, and storage space.  Solid brass rod was used for the heel catches and the round shelves swivel out to maximize the units visual footprint.  The stool was made in house as well and fits compactly inside the trunk when not in use.

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Resurfaced Table - What to do when you are tired of your old Ikea table top but the base is still perfectly fine?  Replace the top with a solid walnut  one that looks beautiful in any room and will last for many years to come.  

Reclaimed Chairs - These chairs were a series done in collaboration with artist Anneke Van Bommel.  We reclaimed a number of discarded chair from our neighbourhood. Using pierced metal webs, decorative nickel silver keys, and lathed metal spindles we restored them back to working condition

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Home office for two - Living downtown Toronto usually means making the most of every square foot.  This home office functions as a space for two people to work comfortably in.  The desks and shelf columns are walnut while the white is a water based low voc lacquer.

Photos and design by Lori Harrison                                                                                                                    Featured in Style at Home

Low Profile Couch - A lovely couple came to me with this design for a low profile couch.  It's clean, simple design fits beautifully in their turn of the century home.  It is made of solid walnut with leather cushions.

Memento - It is important to keep reminders of the places you love, especially when moving to a new country.  This coffee table was made from a fallen tree taken from a couples family cottage.  They were moving to the states and wanted to take a piece of their cottage with them.   To our surprise,the inside of the log was spalted maple,  a beautiful patterning created in maple by a fungus.